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Learning to Love My Blackness: A Five-Part Series

Hello Readers … or Reader!

I am finally starting that blog I’ve been talking about for years. Are blog posts supposed to be short and sweet? Well, clearly not in my case, as my first blog post is LONG. In fact, it’s so long that it’s a five-part series!

It’s sorta not true to call this five-part series my first blog post, as I’ve already written two posts that I shared to Facebook. I’ll repost those here at some point, but I want to start with the Learning to Love My Blackness series, as it’s a topic I’ve spent a lot of time thinking about. I didn’t get out everything swirling around in my head when I wrote this blog post, but the cool thing about blogs is that I have the right to add an addendum anytime I want!

I welcome your reactions, questions, and feedback.

Stay Awake,


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